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My name is Kristin. I'm part of this belief that you can look however you want, and that you deserve respect for your choices. Tattoos, piercings, being super thin, wearing all black, and yes I've had dreads twice in my life. Both times, I brushed them out for lack of patience, but I'm actually starting them up again.

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Pin on dreads/ hair

Because it literally looks like they matted their hair together with glue to make grinch fingers sprout out they heads lol. Haha WOW a lot of racism and ignorance in the comments from white people about this! White people wearing dreadlocks are considered cultural appropriation here because for decades and even still today white people would make fun of black women and men for their natural hairstyles. After slavery black women would have to straighten their hair to find work and black men would have to shave. The same can be said for today. Today black children are kicked out of schools for their dreadlocks and it is only illegal in ONE state to discriminate against a black persons natural hair. That means in 49 states it is completely legal to fire a black person, kick a black child out of school, and discriminate against a black person just because of their hair.


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