Anime girl in swimsuits

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There are 85 entries in all, from a total of 35 games and 22 companies. Which character do you think looks the cutest in a swimsuit? Unfortunately, the general election is limited to current residents of Japan only. Each of the 35 games represented in the contest has submitted between one to three entries of beautiful swimsuit girls.

Swimsuit Anime Girl

Swimsuit Anime Girl

It is now Summer and what better way to celebrate the hot temperatures and shining sun than visiting the beach? Other than keeping cool and going for a swim is looking at the gorgeous girls in swimsuits. In that case, what about seeing your favourite female anime characters in swimsuits? Of the voters, Her reasoning for loving Kuroko is that he once gave her a coupon for an extra ice cream, although he only did this because he was already full.

Anime Swimsuit

For every anime series, there's usually at least one beach episode or pool episode included. And with these summertime episodes comes a big wave of fan service in the form of the anime swimsuit. From sensual to humorous, here are the top 20 anime bikini babes and swimsuit beach boys.
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