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I just. Thank you so much for tagging bi girls in your posts about wlw, I didn't think I would get so emotional until I saw that you did it and it made me cry happy tears so thank you, sincerely a bi girl. How do I meet girls that are interested in me and how do I know if they actually like me? I got average beauty but the standard of girls are way higher how do I reach them? I have a question about your opinion, I guess. I kinda said to my best friend that I might have feelings for her but I'm not sure I am tho, I was just testing the waters and ever since she's making sure to tell me how straight she is.

*you being my girlfriend and you tell me you love me*

Girls Love Girls

Recent Top. GIF by lezbiangoals. You and your girlfriend are standing in the living room with her arms wrapped around your neck and yours around her waist. You both lean in for a quick momentary kiss, after, your girlfriend places a quick peck on your forehead, you nuzzle against her chest. She pulls you in closer, rubbing her thumb against your back and her other hand in your hair and placing another gentle kiss on your forehead, she glances down and sees a smile of contentment marked across your face, she chuckles and says: "I love you" you look up and say: "I love you too. Some hours of cuddling later you both start to feel sleepy, "wanna go to bed? You both walk up the stairs and into the bedroom, she lays down and you get on top of her, she covers you with a blanket while rubbing your back with one hand and turning off the light with the other, she places a goodnight kiss onto your forehead "goodnight baby, I love you" she says "goodnight, I love you too" you say back as the both of you drift off to sleep.

Girl love girls

I'm serious I did it 24 times a day because I just wanted to see how many times. It was very tired the next day but no regrets. How about you? And any girl reading this I need you to also share your experience. I just.
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