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L ike most children, Margaret Howe Lovatt grew up with stories of talking animals. In her early 20s, living on the Caribbean island of St Thomas, they took on a new significance. During Christmas , her brother-in-law mentioned a secret laboratory at the eastern end of the island where they were working with dolphins. She decided to pay the lab a visit early the following year. Lovatt was met by a tall man with tousled hair, wearing an open shirt and smoking a cigarette.

The dolphin who loved me: the Nasa-funded project that went wrong

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At times, the story seemed almost too neat a microcosm of the s, as well meant if not necessarily practical ideas about transforming life on earth — and beyond — gave way to something much darker. At others, it brought to mind that hippie Californian scientist in The Fast Show. At no point, however, did it cease to be astonishing. Like many classic Sixties tales, it had its roots in the s, when John Lilly, an American scientist of impeccable credentials, was studying dolphins in Florida. Then one night in his wife heard one of them apparently attempting to mimic human speech — a moment that seems to have struck Lilly with the force of a divine revelation. As a result, he was given enough funds to build and staff a dolphin communication lab in the Virgin Islands.

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A woman who took part in a NASA -funded experiment in the s revealed she became so close to the dolphins she was working with that one even tried to have sex with her. Margaret Howe Lovatt recalled how one dolphin used to 'rub himself' on her knee, hand and foot, explaining: "It was sexual on his part - it was not sexual on mine, sensuous perhaps. Margaret has been a huge animal lover since she was a child , which led her to take part in a NASA-funded experiment nearly six decades ago. At Christmas in , when Margaret had just turned 20 and was living in St Thomas in the Caribbean , her brother-in-law told her a bout a secret lab on the island , where people were carrying out work with dolphins.
Margaret Howe Lovatt was just 20 when she started work in a lab with the aim of understanding dolphins and teaching them to speak English. One of her first memories is being given a book about a talking cat by her mother when she was just a child. It sparked a life-long fascination with animals and how they communicate and led to her becoming a key part of a NASA funded experiment in the s. Margaret explained: "It was a story about a cat who could talk and understand humans and it just stuck with me that maybe there is this possibility.