Having sex with your pet

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When we think about dogs, the image of a cute, furry four-legged friend running around the house comes to our mind. It is exactly why people keep dogs. While these are the normal reasons why people pet dogs there are some people, who enjoy a human-dog sex relationship. It may sound odd to many of us, but there are people having sex with dogs around the world, and they feel its a normal thing to do.

We Asked People What It’s Like to Have Sex in Front of Their Pets

We Asked People What It’s Like to Have Sex in Front of Their Pets

Others point out that dogs operate on primal instinct and may mistake your compromising position to be a situation that requires saving and immediately pounce to protect you. You may be cool with doing it doggy style, but just how cool are you when it comes to actually doing it in front of your doggo? We asked around. He gets excited and starts running around. Then he stands on his hind legs with his paws on the bed to see what's up.

Is It OK to Have Sex in Front of Your Dog?

Finland is indeed a last bastion of bestiality. Here a person can have sex with an animal as long as the animal is not harmed. The absence of legislation against bestiality makes the nation one of the last in the European Union not to institute a legal ban.
T hough it would be just swell to own an adorable corgi named Waffles, there are several reasons why I elect not to have a dog right now. Namely, I am not even 1 percent responsible enough for that. Every friend of mine who boldly shares a studio or one-bedroom apartment with their fur baby has at least one story about how it walked in on sex. Which brings up an interesting question: Is it…bad, or unadvisable for any reason if you have sex in the same room as your pet? Barrack says.