House party game cheats

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So how do you access the almighty console commands I hear you ask. Not entirely sure about that. Once you press it, a black box appears at the top third of the screen. All console commands are entered here. This takes all the clothes of all the people at the party, all is laid to bare. But that is not all, below is a more detailed list of the commands available for instant stripping.

House Party

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House Party is a 3D sim game. It is a comedy adventure dating and was developed and published by Eek! Its concept is inspired by the 80s and 90s style games, but it is rendered in a lovely full-3D first-person background. The characters are so gorgeous and have a unique personality. You will experience many types of parties in the form of foul language, party games, nudity, fighting, sex, and more. According to the developer, the game was a success with 30, copies sold in the first few weeks and , total sales during the first year.

House Party Cheats – Console Commands

To make use of the cheats in this section, you have to open the command console in the game. If your notepad requires a different key, please leave a comment below mentioning the respective key and your keyboard language. After you have opened your command console, you can enter "help" to see a full list of all the possible commands. Command: 'lock or unlock' door 'door name'.
Hints and Tips for: House Party. Console Commands: Written by BloodyMeli Just a quick guide with some console commands Dropdown menu should appear.