How do you get meat curtains

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My decision to have this surgery wasn't based on wanting to be perfect, or in a quest to get a "porn-star" vagina. For years I had been exposed to comments, opinions and visuals about the appearance of vaginas, which lead to me becoming insecure about mine. For a young woman who is trying to be comfortable in her own skin and become strong and independent, such terms are not easy to just "get over", despite how many tend to think. We are born this way and we would give anything to love ourselves and be happy with our own body, but unfortunately this is not the case for many, including me. When I was exposed to these comments I grew to hate myself, my image and my vagina.

'I grew to hate myself and my vagina'

beef curtains -

Beef curtains is vulgar slang for the vulva. It's typically used for vaginal lips that are Urban Dictionary entered the term by and it debuted on Twitter in Why beef curtains? Hey, you asked.

Definition of meat curtains

It only takes one glance at the badwomensanatomy subreddit to realise that plenty of adults still believe that your labia are less like body parts and more like elastic bands that lose their give with more use, becoming longer each time. These same adults may also believe that your vaginal canal can become wider or looser with more use. Does it have something to with the type of vulvas we see in porn? Enough to know that this theory is complete bollocks, and is best left in our teen years along with those porno mags that someone mysteriously found in the woods.
I'm sure that, once upon a time, my vagina was "peachy. I remember it vividly. I'd just had my first baby and, like a lot of women, the labour hadn't quite gone to plan. What I mean by that is, after the first twelve hours of labour, I got my birth plan and rammed it down my husband's throat. After 24 hours, I had consumed all the drugs the hospital could offer and was in an epidurally induced haze of Hello Magazine and jelly tots.