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Or browse results titled :. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Aether: Handpicked by Holly 23 Songs , Aether 4 albums , aether: ignis , aether: aer , aether: aqua , aether: terra , Fighting Naked , and Mass Exodus. UnEntitled States of Hysteria lyrics buy track A violent disorder stakes claims of it's righteousness over the border it feeds on those who eat up the bones of it's casualties the momentum of each daily cycle of "you're not me" YOU'RE NOT ME A burn for a burn is as useless as apathy we must make choice through action no matter the fraction we stand for gutting it's name and denouncing it's claims of "you're not me" YOU'RE NOT ME It's in your mind Travel through time It's in your face forgotten place It's in your hands Forgotten lands I'm twisting and turning I'm buning my insides I'm breaking on fire, "Woe! Eyes watching in the dark like a song done well or a spell gone awry and all the books were burned with any insight on how to fix the wrongs back to right gottah gather all together all of us a re running scattered and we're pointing out that you're not me holding off your future dreams you'd rather scream in fear that the not-me party is marching on not like it's the only one time here everyday for many long years people die Iraqis lacking food and in health supplies sanctioned by the brother with no compassion for the other with one outstretched hand the other rapes the land in the name of democracy, flag of hypocrisy, war is second nature there we're quick to turn in our neighbor the young have war in their eyes oh how this mighty nation cries "You Witch! Big Brother lyrics buy track Maybe you're right those steps behind start and stop as you do Hiding out of light irises reset as you move Maybe in the bank they're watching At your job they're watching Television's watching what your clone is watching It's a blunt set up under Caesar's lens and the beast is watching Everything Maybe you weren't off when you said We're just slaving for the man Bred in martial law, veiled in plastic thought of a secret means to ends Maybe big brother is watching big brother is watching big brother is watching big brother is watching big brother is watching big brother is watching big brother is watching Let 'em watch!! What, are you gonna sit around and worry?

Fighting Naked

Fighting Naked | HUMANWINE

Sign In Register. Artist: Humanwine. Album: Fighting Naked. Step right up its your hero Its your friend It'll save until the end We'll weed out the foes of our master plan Guards grab that man Who stands tall in front of the people And says Thieves come out Of this mouth Spreading lies A one world plan Where your blood dissolves in my hands Encaustic sleeves like a leash round your right to abandon I'll haul you in tight And crush you will Make it easy to please me disease The wells which drink They smell like death Thieves come out Of this mouth Spreading lies Hypocritical fascist porno priest on the TV Selling you shit you don't need Bony hands greedily eating up V. Humanwine Lyrics provided by SongLyrics. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles CSS.

Humanwine - Fighting Naked Lyrics

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