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The I-can't-believe-this-is-necessary Disclaimer: The following story is porn. Sex has been prioritized above realism, character development, even plot when convenient. Also shocking as it may seem it could easily fit into any of several different categories. I chose this one. Enjoy, or don't.

Long Flight Home Ch. 02

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I dribbled lubricant on her virgin anus, then wet my fingers with more. I spent a few minutes probing gently until she felt that she was open and ready for something larger. Laura bit into the edge of a pillow with a wail when that 'something larger' poked her sphincter. Almost impossibly tight, warm and slick, Mr Snake found his new hiding place incredibly sensuous. Apparently, after a few minutes of adjustment, so did Laura. She began pumping back to me, eventually slamming her asscheeks against my loins, meeting my thrusts with huge appetite for more.

It's Only Your Hand Ch. 03

As they say in every "Dragnet" episode, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. As they say in every "Law and Order" episode, none of this is real. Versh might be familiar to guys who drove long haul trucks and parked sometimes at a certain truck stop around Indianapolis.
You're just a perverted old slob who hopes to get a peak at my cooder after midnight. And the way we're drinking, you just might. Ooh look.