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In a story made famous by the Roman poet Ovid, a sculptor named Pygmalion created a statue out of ivory who was so beautiful that he fell madly in love with it. He prayed to Aphrodite to grant him a real woman as beautiful as his creation, and the goddess of love heard his plea and transformed the ivory statue into flesh and blood. One somewhat unlikely place where a twist on this story comes to life time and again is a space on the third floor of a nondescript building in Ueno. Some love doll owners have rented out apartments for them, take them on dates, and develop an intimacy with the life-size figures that goes beyond simply the sexual surrogacy that genital parts made from soft elastomer allow. Orient Industry are the undisputed heavyweight in the world of love dolls, so we thought that Tsuchiya would be the perfect person to ask about the work that goes into each doll, and the affection that these uncanny creations inspire. On average, how old are your customers?

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