Masks used in performing safe oral sex on women

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But before they go, they have one final lesson, one last barrier method for their teacher to sheepishly explain: the dental dam, a latex sheet used as a barrier during oral sex. The instructor would inform the students that dental dams are flavored, and that they should only be used once and then thrown away. Even the teachers, preaching about the dangers of STIs, have probably never bought one themselves. Read: The enduring unpopularity of the female condom.

Dental dams are the only option for safe oral sex on women

Dental Dams Are Gross—But These Women Are Sexing Them Up

If your answer is "Sorry, WTF? Among my friends, at least, responses to this query ranged from "Is this still a thing? A dental or oral dam is a sheet of latex, sometimes flavored, that you hold in place over your partner's genitals while licking. If you don't engage in much cunnilingus or rimming then your need for one is probably pretty low. But even among those who do, there is little enthusiasm.

Dental Dams Are Gross—But These Women Are Sexing Them Up

Many people question whether oral sex is really sex. That depends on how you define sex, but one thing is clear—oral sex isn't inherently safe sex. Sexually transmitted infections STIs are definitely a risk, at least if you don't take proper precautions. Oral sex is a relatively low-risk activity for HIV transmission, particularly when compared to vaginal or anal sex. The risk of HIV is largely limited to the person performing oral sex.
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