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Wehrheim returned in and started photographing the camp in earnest. By this time, the community was well-established and had a toilet, a cess pool and running water. Diane Striegel, who lived in this treehouse, said in Wehrheim's book that it was built into the ironwood trees fronting the beach with materials from a torn down plantation house. We would talk about spiritual things It was about finding out who we were, working out our problems, our questions," Bruce Kramer said in Taylor Camp. Sports in general were very popular among members of the community.

Extraordinary Vintage Photos Reveal Hawaii's Hippie Treehouse Community

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In , Taylor Camp was burning down. The flames, ignited by the Kauai, Hawaii, county police and state officials, devoured homes, churches and community gardens that stretched through seven acres of sandy beach and shaded jungle. Freedom and love reigned supreme. But suddenly, Taylor Camp was burning. And once the skeleton of its towering tree houses were dusted away, it would be transformed into a government-owned state park at the end of a road on the Hawaiian island of Kauai's north shore. He hadn't been able to secure building permits for his parcel of beachfront land on the island's north shore. He then left his new tenants and his property to run wild, and over the next eight years, the small campsite turned into a thriving village known as Taylor Camp.

Nudist Camp of Hippies

Set at the edge of the road along the beach of the ancient island of Kauai, the tiny village was home to restless souls longing to escape from the unrest of their generation, from the traumas of the Vietnam War, the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. Youngsters from around the country fled to Taylor Camp, where they erected and lived in makeshift tree houses of bamboo and tin, rode the surf, lounged in the nude, smoked weed, fished and farmed, and raised their children. Wehrheim arrived in Kauai in at the age of twenty-three, bearing only a bag, a surfboard, and a bong. After the first thirteen hippie campers to settle on the island were jailed under state vagrancy laws, Howard, who happened to be the brother of starlet Elizabeth, bailed them out and offered them the land that stood just across the bay from his home.
From to , the hippies at Taylor Camp on Kauai lived in treehouses, preferred to go nude, and smoked a lot of weed. Let me tell you about a place called Taylor Camp, a tropical ocean-front utopia without rules, politics or bills to pay. It was the ultimate hippie fantasy.