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But instead of immediately coordinating with other state institutions to locate and rescue the teen, he contacted a shady local security firm boss. Several hours after victim Alexandra Macesanu had made three desperate calls for help on July 25 begging that she be rescued, Olt County Deputy Police Chief Nicolae Alexe called Remus Radoi not just once, but 10 times, said Radoi, who is described in Romanian media as a local mobster. Alexe also sent Radoi messages asking him to check two telephone numbers and an automobile, divulging key information in Macesanu's case. He even asked Radoi for leads and the security boss gave him the addresses of some people in the town of Caracal that Alexe should check out. One trail -- which went nowhere -- led to alleged gang leader Nicusor Oaca, a rival of Radoi who has connections to two other senior police officers in Caracal. Oaca said he knew about the interactions between Alexe and Radoi.

Teen charged after video allegedly shows him swinging elderly Romanian woman as she screams

The Murky Nexus Between Romanian Criminals, Police, And Politicians Exposed After Teen Murder

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Romanian murder suspect admits killing two teenage girls in case that sparked public outrage

Romanian police have filed criminal charges against a teenager who allegedly grabbed a terrified elderly woman by her bathrobe collar and swung her around while his friends chronicled it on video. The case has shocked Romania in the days since the teens posted the video on Facebook. The video, displayed by a host of Romanian websites, including the respected online gandul. His friends laugh. Police spokeswoman Claudia Burada told The Associated Press on Sunday police filed charges of disturbing public order against the year-old after the April 3 incident south of Bucharest.
The girl, who is identified only as Alexandra, was abducted on Wednesday as she tried to hitchhike home to the town of Dobrosloveni in the south of the country. On Thursday morning, she rang the emergency number, , three times and offered police what information she had about the place in which she was being held by the driver who picked her up. Relatives of Alexandra alleged that officers failed to take the alert seriously and reacted too late. A few heads have fallen but not enough!