Sakura and sasuke kissing

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Coming into the classroom, Sakura greets Sasuke as she pushes Naruto and asks to sit by him. Despite not receiving an answer, Sakura snatches the spot and admirably gazes at the Uchiha while the other girls continuously glare at her. Staring admirably at Sasuke, Sakura tells herself that she'd be stealing his first kiss 'today'. However, Sakura soon becomes one of the victims who watch in dismay as Naruto instead "kisses" Sasuke, resulting in Naruto later receiving a beating from Sakura along with the other female classmates. Upon later hearing the members that would be on her team, Sakura cheers when she hears Sasuke's name. After Team 7 is formed, Sakura is shown sitting on a lone bench thinking about how she could show herself off to Sasuke despite her flaws.

New Naruto Novel Reveals Epic Sasuke x Sakura Kiss

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Naruto fans spent years rooting for their favorite romances , and plenty of them came to pass by the time Boruto came around. The sequel series confirmed Naruto married Hinata after the heiress pined after the blonde ninja for years. It also revealed Sasuke and Sakura married one another after years of tension, but the couples tend to keep PDA to a minimum. Well, that is for the most part. Sakura did spend years infatuated with Sasuke, so fans can give her a break when she needs to steal a kiss. Now, a new spin-off novel for Naruto has broken down a rather epic scene starring the couple, and it sees Sakura lay a fat kiss on her husband.

sasuke and sakura kiss

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