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We are frequently asked if teenage girls can use a menstrual cup. All of the brands we carry would say that it is fine for teenagers or young girls to use menstrual cups, however, there are a few things worth keeping in mind. Starting to menstruate can be a daunting experience for young girls. While it is a perfectly normal part of life, it can still take time for them to adjust to all that menstruation can entail. Giving a cup to a young girl and explaining where she needs to put it, can sometimes be a little more than she can handle. For this reason, she may prefer to stick with conventional period care products like washable cloth pads or period panties until she gets used to this new phase of life.

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Users are young as 12 are already rocking their periods with Lunette. Like all of us, you might still be getting to know your anatomy — so some practice using the menstrual cup might be needed. When you use it for the first time, give yourself plenty of time to try it out in a place you feel comfortable. We designed our smaller Lunette menstrual cup size 1 specifically for younger users. Not only is it smaller and shorter - it is squishier in consistency for easier insertion. We recommend the smaller Lunette Cup Model 1 also for young users who have a heavy flow.

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Why not try cups as a period care option from the start? No more hiding a tampon in your sleeve in the middle of class. Introducing the Saalt Teen Period Cup, period care that's better for your body and the planet. It honestly has made my day so much easier. Demi of Bright Girl Health transforms the way teens see their periods, empowering them to understand their menstrual cycle so they can be friends with their body!
That first period is often a little shocking and scary, and opens the door to so many different struggles and choices to wade through in an already complicated time of life. We understand that trying a Pixie Cup is a big step of faith for a lot of people, so we wanted to encourage you to give the teen and pre-teen girls in your life the opportunity to experience period freedom right away! Today we wanted to give you a guide for you to share with those younger Pixie Tribe girls. Especially for a teen who is less familiar with her body, a Pixie Cup might seem huge and intimidating! That is why it is important for someone she trusts to explain that our bodies are made to deliver babies and even though it seems big, it will work.