The ting goes skrra

Duration: 12min 42sec Views: 977 Submitted: 31.12.2020
Category: Brunette
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The Ting Go Skrra

I don't get the "The Ting Goes" meme that's been going around lately : OutOfTheLoop

In the video, Dapaah plays as rappers named MC Quakez and Roadman Shaq, who during his most infamous verse of the song "Man's Not Hot", says "The ting goes…" followed by him making a series of absurd gunshot sound effects with his mouth. Online, people have captioned the "ting goes" moment, using the sounds Dapaah makes as the punchline to a joke. People have also dubbed the song over other footage. During the session, as the character raps the song "Man's Not Hot," he says the line "The ting goes," and then performs a series of sound effects with his mouth. Within a week, the video shown below has received more than , views. That day, Michael Dapaah posted a the clip of "The ting goes" on his person Twitter [2] account.

'The Ting Goes' Is Already The Best Meme Of September

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Every so often, the internet blesses us, its lowly constituents, with a hot meme. The long Labor Day weekend was the perfect time for us to stumble into a new one, and my God, is it a winner. While some of the most popular memes come from 'Murrica, the latest one that I'm about to share with you comes from across the way, in the U.
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