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She is the best female duelist in Duel Academia, and has a very keen eye for details and reads everyone one of her opponents moves. She forces her opponents to play their best cards, that way making her victory much more satisfying. She is shown to have some sort of interest and possible attraction towards Jaden Yuki. Being the smartest at the academy of all the girls, Alexis has many boys who find her attractive. However, Alexis' personality is more geared toward the game than love.

Jaden & Alexis (Yu-Gi-Oh GX)

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She usually serves as the only female protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX , though Blair begins having a slight role as well near the end of the series which is further proven by Alexis's downplayed role in darker seasons. An alternate universe version of Alexis appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! Alexis's design incorporates multiple layers of clothing and a wide range of expressions. Depicted here is the Duelist in full Obelisk Blue regalia from front, side, and rear alongside views of her head from different angles. Alexis' character design was overseen by Kenichi Hara. Her usual outfit consists of the standard sleeveless female Obelisk Blue uniform which consists of: a blue skirt combined with a belt colored in a light blue hue, white socks, blue boots, a sleeveless jacket made of white colored fabric with some blue marks around the collar and on the front side in chest level.

Courting Alexis

Take a look back at these Hollywood icons in their early days to see how far they've come in their careers—and how little they've visibly aged. See the gallery. Title: Courting Alexis 14 Nov Jaden and the captain of the tennis team face off in a duel. Sign In.
This Academy is a lot more fun with them, than without. GX and in Jaden's Adventure series. She is a strong, beautiful female Duelist from Obelisk Blue dormitory at Duel Academy as well as one of Jaden 's closest friends. She duels with a "Cyber Girl" Deck consisting of female warrior type monsters based on sports. She is titled the "Queen of Obelisk Blue.