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Ultimate , officially confirmed on June 12th, Once again, Zero Suit Samus is unconnected to the standard playable Samus , although she temporarily transforms into the latter during her Final Smash. Zero Suit Samus is classified as Fighter With the exception of the third method, Zero Suit Samus must then be defeated on Brinstar. Zero Suit Samus is a tall, lightweight character, similar to Zelda and Rosalina , which alongside her low weight tied with Meta Knight for the seventh lowest gives her poor endurance.

Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U)

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She currently ranks 6th on the tier list. Her punish game is potentially the best in the game, with some very strong combos that can lead to death at low percents and powerful kill moves such as her back air. However, her ground game and grab, outside of setting up combos, are lackluster and punishable, and her featherweight status makes her easy to KO. Zero Suit Samus' stats by Kurogane Hammer. Zero Suit Samus is a Zone-Breaker type of character, able to pierce her opponents defenses with many camping tools and stuns that lead to a plethora of Setups.

Zero Suit Samus

In this form, Samus's main weapon is the Paralyzer , a small pistol-like weapon that is only capable of stunning enemies. Although Samus has appeared without her armor in previous Metroid games in a small capacity, the first appearance of Samus in her "Zero Suit" was in Metroid: Zero Mission , which consolidated Samus's appearance and abilities outside the Power Suit. Ultimate , rocket-powered "Jet Boots" that resemble high-heeled stilettos. Zero Suit Samus is more swift and agile than her armored form, though lighter and easier to KO.
Her return to the series was announced during a Super Smash Bros. Direct on April 8th, , [1] which coincided with the 10th anniversary of the European release of Metroid: Zero Mission. Like Sheik , Zero Suit Samus is now a standalone character, which means that she cannot activate or deactivate her Power Suit under any circumstances.