Discharge after unprotected sex

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Discharge refers to a mixture of fluids that comes out of the vagina or penis. People may notice discharge before, during, or after sexual intercourse. Certain factors can influence the amount and appearance of discharge. The consistency of vaginal discharge, for example, naturally changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

What Causes White Discharge During or After Sex?

Vaginal discharge after sexual intercourse: What’s normal and what’s not | pringlebayfestival.com

A comprehensive guide to understanding vaginal discharge including colors, odors, and causes. Ladies and curious gentlemen , today's topic may not be the sexiest one, but it's an important aspect of every woman's health: vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is something that many women are curious about and want to discuss, but feel reluctant bringing up. That's why we at Buoy Health wanted to learn more about this natural body process, what's normal, and what to watch out for.

What can cause discharge after sex?

By Jessica Hamzelou. Having sex with a male partner can disrupt the balance of bacteria in the vagina — which might put women at risk of infections. The bacterial communities of healthy vaginas tend to be dominated by one type of bacteria. Women with higher levels of other bacteria are more likely to get urinary tract infections, or even give birth prematurely.
Vaginal discharge is made of the fluids secreted by the cervical and vaginal glands. The fluid has bacteria and dead cells, which it carries out of the human body. This discharge helps in keeping the vagina clean, and it helps in preventing infections. Normal vaginal discharges can vary in color and amount. Vaginal discharge is common in women, and sometimes it may raise questions.