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Context: SRY, an architectural transcription factor containing a SOX-related high-mobility group HMG box, initiates testis formation in the mammalian bipotential gonadal ridge. Inherited human SRY mutations can be associated with differences in sexual differentiation DSD with variable phenotypes in a family. Objective : To describe the clinical, histopathological and molecular features of a novel inherited SRY allele pMet64Val; consensus box position 9 observed within an extensive pedigree: two 46, XY sisters with primary amenorrhea 16 and 14 years of age; probands P1 and P2 , their normal father and brother, and an affected paternal XY grandaunt. Design, Setting, Participants and Outcome Measurements: Following DNA sequencing to identify the SRY mutation, hormonal studies of the probands and histopathological examination of their gonads were performed. Functional consequences of p. Met64Val and other mutations at this site were also investigated.

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Introduction: Differences of Sex Development DSDs encompass variations in formation of internal or external sex characteristics. Historically, sex assignment in children with DSDs depended on phenotype, and gender was thought to be malleable. Attention in DSD has recently shifted toward reducing gender dysphoria and preserving fertility potential. Subjects: A chart review was done on all patients seen in our DSD clinic between April and June to determine rates of sex reassignment and gender dysphoria. Two hundred patients were seen: 23 were found to not have DSDs; 61 were 46,XX; 66 were 46,XY; 31 had a sex chromosome DSD; 5 had gonadal dysgenesis without known chromosome mosaicism; and 14 had syndromic genital atypia.

SUN-091 Change in Sex of Rearing in Individuals with Disorders of Sex Development

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